What is your korean name??

i got it from blog walking πŸ˜›

– Surname : is the last number in your year of birth
Middle name : is your month of birth
Name : is your date of birth


– 0: Park
– 1: Kim
– 2: Shin
– 3: Choi
– 4: Song
– 5: Kang
– 6: Han
– 7: Lee
– 8: Sung
– 9: Jung

Middle name

– 1: Yong
– 2: Ji
– 3: Je
– 4: Hye
– 5: Dong
– 6: Sang
– 7: Ha
– 8: Hyo
– 9: Soo
– 10: Eun
– 11: Hyun
– 12: Rae


– 1: Hwa
– 2: Woo
– 3: Joon
– 4: Hee
– 5: Kyo
– 6: Kyung
– 7: Wook
– 8: Jin
– 9: Jae
– 10: Hoon
– 11: Ra
– 12: Bin
– 13: Sun
– 14: Ri
– 15: Soo
– 16: Rim
– 17: Ah
– 18: Ae
– 19: Neul
– 20: Mun
– 21: In
– 22: Mi
– 23: Ki
– 24: Sang
– 25: Byung
– 26: Seok
– 27: Gun
– 28: Yoo
– 29: Sup
– 30: Won
– 31: Sub
so…mine is MI EUN PARK πŸ™‚

what is yours?


129 Responses to What is your korean name??

  1. Jackiie says:

    Mine’s Kang Soo Jin xD Lool

  2. Mearick says:

    Kang Je Jae x3

  3. muhammad nur haziq says:


  4. sam says:

    mine sounds too weird:
    kang je ki

  5. PuJi says:

    my name,.
    choi yong sup

  6. kayla says:

    mines is song hyo hwa

  7. harlagisedih says:

    mampir jeng. halo apa khabar jakarta?

  8. Shannon says:

    Mine is Lee Soo Mi. Is that for real? Is this how they name their children in Korea?

  9. Jellybean says:

    Kang Yong Sub…

    Hmm. I sound like a soup or sandwich -.-….

  10. 졜수우 says:

    mine is 졜수우…. =d.. hehe

  11. sujuforever says:

    Mine is Lee RaeKyung
    like super juniors Kyuhyun (almost)

  12. kim rae-woo says:

    mine’s kim rae-woo. . it’s nice ^_^

  13. moonlite says:

    lol mines choiSooHoon sounds pretty

  14. Ashlea says:

    Mine is Kim Yong Ra

  15. supersimple says:

    mine is Han Dong Won… VERY wierd..

  16. Rireina says:

    mine is park hyo joon =) nice page ^^

  17. afiqqa says:

    mine is MUN YONG JUNG…..hehe… is this the way how the parent name their children????…..interesting?!!!

  18. SesameProductions says:

    Mine is Lee HyeJae πŸ˜€

  19. Naomi says:

    Han Hyo Mun… I like Han Hyo.. but Mun sounds like a boy!!

  20. otaney toshira says:

    my name in korea is: Lee hae choi ^^

  21. jokerz says:

    mine is Won Rae Han

  22. Christabel says:

    Soo Jae Kang:D

  23. Olivia says:


    Mines Kim Yong Jae.

    That’s funny because my favorite DBSK/TVXQ member is Kim Jaejoong

  24. joar says:

    mine is μ†§ν•˜λ―Έ ^_^

  25. Quanterykah says:

    mine is sung soo mun

  26. alyanna says:

    hee yong kang xD

  27. makenli says:

    Shin Hyo Hwa (μ‹ νš¨ν™”)

    Wow. The end’s a bit of a tongue-twister but i can get the hang of it. This is kinda fun, lol.

  28. rocelle says:

    what is my korean name!!!

  29. Ni HAo!
    wo de ming zi shi MAOKUNROU :))
    xiexie for transalting my name :))woo kyo sung< korean name :))
    dong budong ME ?

    zAIjan! . .. .

  30. jihoo says:

    lee dong sub ang baduy ang name ko sa korean

  31. croas says:

    LOL my name is

    weird much
    I LUV IT

  32. ilee says:

    mine is Han Dong Ah
    that’s a pretty name, lol

  33. jejungi says:

    haha my name is so weird xD Song Sang-Ki weird but fun test xD

  34. Wakeman says:

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  35. kim ji in (olphin) says:

    Kim Ji In… thats sounds great… trenkyu dena… muahhh,,, muahh.. muah..

  36. Lee Young Yu says:

    i like my name..!
    Ayanna Martinez to Lee Young Yu!!
    gosh!i like it!

  37. kim..so..eul.. says:

    heeeeh^^ my name real is KiM SO EUL .. but here is Han Rae Ki .. :))

  38. Maxie says:

    mine’s shin hyo yoo ^-^ does it have a meaning?? i wanna know

  39. Lee Yong Ae says:

    hehe mine is Lee Yong Ae ❀

  40. AreisCon says:

    mines Song Dong Byung looool

  41. jhudy anne says:

    my korean name is : Han Hyun Hoon :]

  42. joemar says:

    Mine han ji kyung


  43. Lyra says:

    mine is Lee Hye In ^^

  44. Erica Laine says:

    my korean name is Kang Rae Neul ? ^^

  45. shinya says:

    Shin AeEun?? (don’t know how to even pronounce this lol)

  46. lyrah says:

    ..hahaha…lee je ae…

  47. Benz says:

    Song Soo Mi <~ Eh.. !?

  48. niebee says:

    Shin Ha Kyo?
    But when I tried http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/namegen/10981/ , I got Han Bo Min

  49. bubumici says:

    mine in Kim Je Kjung

  50. oana says:

    my name is Song Hyun Jae or Jae Hyun Song
    sounds great ..a little like a boy πŸ˜€

  51. yanerz says:

    mine is Song Hyo Sang πŸ˜€
    is this really correct? hehe just asking though πŸ™‚

  52. yanerz says:

    I also tried this one http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/namegen/10981/ and my korean name is
    Seo Yeon Young..

  53. alberta wadul says:

    Bin Ha Han (duh)

  54. Lilliiee says:

    Mine’s Sung Rae Jin..wooooohhh i like it!! πŸ™‚

  55. shin says:

    i got Song DongSup. wth? it sounds like a man’s name.

  56. mark luigie santos says:

    song soo kyung.. hmmmmm. little bit weird but i like it..

  57. yohj says:

    mine is Sang Rae Song..hahah

  58. Maxine Lee says:

    Mine is Lee Ki Rae or Sung Ki Rae

  59. shiela says:

    mine is lee ji woo!!!!

  60. CassiopeiaFyda says:

    hehe my name is SHIN SOO BIN .
    haha .weird lorh .but i like it .!

  61. EBii Samonte says:

    Annyeong! chonun Kang Ha Jin imnita πŸ™‚

  62. oriana oro says:

    Song Hye Mi

    sounds kinda cute :3

  63. Ellush says:

    My name is Kang Soojae…..is that even a female name?!:SSS

  64. ilia says:

    mine is han hyun jin

  65. ieqa says:

    my name is kim rea kyung..
    such a wierd name..

  66. kaitlin says:

    mine is Song YongHwa! like C.N Blue Leader Jung YongHwa!

  67. Alixijaaaahh says:

    Lee Hyo Ah. ^^

    If I was born three days earlier, I’d be Lee Hyo Ri. xD

  68. edel says:

    mine is jung hye yoo

  69. love says:

    mines kang young mun XDD

  70. yunie says:

    lee sang gun…
    its a boy name,otokei??

  71. Izzy says:

    Park Dong Sang o.o lol I don’t think mines is female

  72. Christie says:

    mine is Kang Dong Kyung sounds like a boys name -.-

  73. ferome23 says:

    ki ji jung
    sound weird?!?

  74. Cutie Pie says:

    Mines is Sung Hye Sang. Hehehe!

  75. eliyanaaa says:

    mine is lee sang bin? that wierd, that’s like boy

  76. choi dong hwa…my korean name

  77. gladz says:

    my korean name jung ji woo.. kekek~ how about have a twin?? coz i have a twin sister, means her name is also jung ji woo like mine?

  78. Kenzie says:

    My name is Kang Rae Bin! Isn’t Kang a guy name though? 0.o Oh well I like it! πŸ™‚

  79. nadya says:

    Mine is Kim Ji Soo^^ wish it was my real name,,sounds really pretty^^

  80. briana says:

    mine is Han Rae Jae……cool!

  81. frianne says:

    my name in korea is jung hye sang

  82. Patricia says:

    Mine is Song Hyun Ki

  83. Dianne says:

    mine is Han Eun Soo., hihihi

  84. KC Moua says:

    Sung Hyo Rim? is that right?…i heard its a girls name…ima guy though…

  85. camille says:

    mine is song eun sub hehe

  86. Sushi says:

    Shin Ha Bin… O-O it sounds so weird….

  87. Shim's Wife says:

    I’m Shin DongBin… I prefer the name my pen-pal gave me…

  88. CINDY says:


  89. jhenine says:

    mine is lee ha joon:)

  90. jhenine^_^ says:

    mine is LEE HA JOON^_^hehehehahhahaha

  91. Chibi says:

    Song HyuKyo = =

  92. jhenine says:

    mine is LEE HA JOON____________^_^__________^_^

  93. jhay says:

    ows…….that’s so cool………

  94. jhay says:

    so my name is han hyo in

  95. jhay says:

    realy nice……….i like it……….

  96. caty says:

    i already have one but i wanted to try it

    mine was Lee Hyun Wook…is it a girls name because of the hyun or a boys because of the wook??

  97. pip says:

    mine is CHOI SOO BIN…
    almost to choi soo young(snsd)

  98. mercy says:

    what is korean name?

  99. Byul Tae says:

    Han Hye Bin? sounds weird and it’s hard to pronounce. x.x

  100. junnie says:

    Sung Hye Soo… Kinda weird. Dun really know how to pronounce it.

  101. hamida says:

    anyeong haseyoo
    mu name
    kang ji jae..

  102. lailah says:

    ……my name was so ugly……. if i can only change my birth-date……huhuhuhu……

  103. andre says:

    My name is: Shin Hyo Neul

  104. Ikiieee says:

    Wow, i got Lee Dong Wook. isn’t that a name of a Korean actor? sounds familiar to me.

  105. mark kevin carisma says:


  106. er joshua says:

    this is my nym in korea kang hyo woo

  107. hina says:

    that’s great my name now is :
    woo hye choi
    sounds good for me

  108. HyeIn says:

    mine is Lee Hye In

    sooooo cute…

  109. I really don’t accept this particular post. Even so, I had searched in Google and I have found out that you are correct and I was thinking in the wrong way. Keep on writing high quality articles like this.

  110. Kuro says:

    Lee Ha Yoo xD pretty cool

  111. Alanna Kim says:

    THIS IS NOT REAL. Haha, to those of you who asked: this is not actually how parents name their children in Korea. PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED. According to this my name is: Park Young Ki (Surname comes first in Korea). My real name is Kim Min Jae. Fun to try though πŸ™‚

  112. bae-seul says:

    mine is kyung- eun -sung

  113. jashiel says:

    mine Park Hyo Byung

  114. Shane says:

    i got the same name as leeteuk wife …… kang soo ra

  115. Sung Hye Soo says:

    Sung Hye soo


  116. queensn says:

    sung seok eun

  117. Xyluvtaemin says:

    Kim EunSub…

  118. Lawerence says:

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  119. Lol sakin Kang Soo Soo hahahahahaha XD!!!!!!

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